I'm a freelance editor trained by Chapterhouse, a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading, and former editor at LID Publishing, Story Terrace, and Panoma Press. I work with authors, businesses, publishers and creators to improve their content.

I have a background working on a variety of titles: self-help books, business biographies, young adult romances, horror novels, fantasy tomes and more. The reason my editing is so varied is that I have a real passion for working closely with my clients to meet their needs and help them achieve their publishing goals. If you’re working on a story that is meaningful or close to your heart, I’d love to help you bring it to life.

I tailor my editing approach to each individual client. My advice is based on each author’s genre, target reader, publishing goals and budget, and I always ensure the guidance I offer is objective. I help my clients to troubleshoot at the early stages of the writing process, offer suggestions based on current market trends, weed out grammatical errors and tricky-to-spot typos, and help authors to navigate the different paths to being published.

Of course, I have my personal favourite genres to read. I’m particularly passionate about the fantasy genre; Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson are among my favourite authors, and I studied the Ancient Greek classics like Homer’s Iliad at university. I’ve also worked on a number of YA and children’s books and find this a particularly gratifying area to work in; reading formed a huge part of my childhood, and it brings me joy to work on stories that will be similarly formative to future generations.

Before working in publishing, I worked extensively in the film and television industries for companies like Stylist Magazine and the BBC on the long-running drama Silent Witness. This experience helps me advise authors on how to make their book stand out in a world dominated by visual and short-form content. When I’m not editing, reading or writing, I’m most likely watching a character-driven TV show (my recent favourite is Arcane), attempting to learn how to play the guitar or hanging out with friends.

You can find out more about me and my editorial services on my website.

When I'm not editing books, I enjoy dabbling in the world of magic. You can see some of my progress here.