By The Black Masked

Hands sweating, dry mouth, sleepless eyes; Am I ready to leave? Am I ready to survive completely by my own? What if something happens? What if I do not make friends? This could be the last thoughts of many of us before we got into the boat and sailed overseas looking for a new land, new people and new experiences. However, strong assumptions of what we “could” find fill up our minds with fears that in most of the cases are mostly imaginary stereotypes of culture, that block our perception of what the world really is. This is how we easily and unconsciously start being part of those who are culturally blinded and passive communicators, who see but do not look, who hear but do not listen. Consequently, we fire up an initiation to take place into a new society where there is no need to talk or experience, due to the fear of being rejected, not understood or not involved; welcome to the unknown society.

From a different perspective, “the unknown society” should not exist in the first place, by either helping yourself to break the ice and connect with people, being positive about new experiences and never losing the astonishment produced by the simple things surrounding you, every smell, every taste, every short talk with new people. Or by helping others to get involved, it may happen that you are a gifted one with charisma and an extroverted personality, thus you must contemplate the idea that you are the possible way out from the unknown society for many other students. So, please turn that gift into a snow ball effect to spread and reach others. Once you are out of the society you will start enriching yourself and growing exponentially, since every person you meet will leave a seed, a thought, an opinion, a critique, or an experience that in a way or another will change the way you understand the world; the more doors you unlock, the more tolerant and sympathetic you become, in the sense that you will conceive the world as such an infinite resource of wisdom, stories and anecdotes that you will never finish listening to.

Furthermore, there is not such a thing as “real reality”, there is nothing static, and everything is relative. There is not one life, but million chances. Therefore, having the extraordinary opportunity to travel overseas to study, get to know people, experience new cultures, should be definitely enjoyed as a life gift. “The unknown society” does exist and you could be part of it without noticing, why do not you quit this society and give yourself a chance to get involved and involve others? Break the ice, rise your voice, check hands, let’s make this “here” and this “now” unforgettable. Additionally, keep in mind that all we have in common is that we are all different; diversity is that spicy flavour that makes this cultural soup tasty, so colourful and so enjoyable; wanna eat?

The Black Masked