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Hey 👋 We're the blahcksheep (yes, the 'blah' makes all the difference) - an independent, multilingual community-driven, creator-first digital publishing platform and curation forum for unique, provocative, contrarian voices from across the world. For us, The Blahcksheep is not just a platform, but a community of misfits and rebels. We are proud of how we stand out in a crowd with our awkward sheepish identities. To hold our own in a sea of people is a rebellion of its own.

The hegemony of the English language has curtailed true freedom of expression rather than furthering it. Mainstream publishing platforms globally promote elitism in the garb of “good writers”. The Blahcksheep is an attempt to unshackle the colonial hangover masquerading in the global publishing industry as “worthy content”. By promoting multilingualism, we aim to create a digitised archive of abandoned cultures and forgotten languages.

The Blahcksheep believes what is being said is more important than how it is being said. The expression of a thought is more important than its medium, ie,  language, syntax and grammar. We believe everyone has an equal voice that needs to be heard. Nobody should be deprived of an opinion because of who they are, the language they speak or the way they write. 

We wish to end gatekeeping in publishing by democratising the space and making it accessible to all, especially first time writers, POC, women and other marginalised sections from across the word. 

We believe there’s a blahcksheep across races, orientation, gender, ethnicity, culture, national origin, age, or experience. That’s why we accept pitches and submissions without any prejudice or discrimination. We also encourage first time writers and articles in any language or format.

This is your platform to catapult into the world and create an alternative space that is not driven by money and networks. We hope you come linger on our green pastures and enjoy the journey. You can now buy us a coffee!

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