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Hola amigos!

Creating videos is incredibly fun... BUT, doing so while travelling adds many additional costs that you may not realize. We typically pay extra for a secure place to stay to protect our gear, need to spend at least 2-3 extra nights at each location to have time to edit our videos and often end up spending our days at cafes to get good enough wifi to edit and upload. We are absolutely LOVING this journey, however, it is a major commitment and currently not sustainable on ad revenue alone. 

We try our best to always include valuable information throughout our videos about transportation, stays, activities and prices for every place we go. If you find this information to be useful or inspiring to you, saving you personal time researching or simply providing good entertainment, we set this up as a way you can support our work.

Please feel no obligation to do so, but if you choose to "buy us a coffee" or join a membership, THANK YOU. Your support allows us to continue to creating exciting and informative videos and it means the world to us to have you as part of our community, cheering us on :)