I'm honestly not sure what made me choose this book from the library. I think I was just wanting something fantasy so badly that when I saw this, I was like...yes!

I saw the ears and it reminded me of Lord of the Rings for some reason. Giving major fairy vibes....or the faye. I believe that's the trendy way to put it.

I honestly can't help but to read this book like I'm in the Lord of the Rings. I must admit, I have not seem too many fairy movies. The only one that's coming to mind is Peter Pan or all those Tinkerbell movies.

I think the main problem is, my library does not have a big selection of fantasy or sci-fi. Both sections are extremely limited. I think this week I will choose 3 graphic novels and 2 new releases, then on Saturday I get to take a fun trip to B&N and I am more than excited.

...Btw, I dnf'd this one. I could not...just did not have the patience.