I just want to say that this is the third time! The THIRD time, I have accidentally picked up something I had no means of being interested in. Now, this time I was in the sci-fi section because I am trying to explore other topics, rather than just sticking with thrillers. I find a few copies of Dune, but I pass on it because they look hefty and I'm not reading anything more than 400 pgs right now. shrugs

So, I pick up Fahrenheit 451, such a great choice. Make sure you listen to tomorrows episode for more on that book. Then I see this book called Hench. Now, I have no idea what that means, but the cover looked interesting, and at this point I was in a little bit of a rush. SO I grab it without really reading the synopsis.

I just read the first four pages...and It's a big ol'


Just not for me. Now I did see some reviews on Goodreads and It seemed like this is a book that a lot of people where looking for. They wanted something super-hero trope-d, but I could just not get into it. It was so cheesy, the characters were trying so hard to be liked by the reader and this was only 4 pages in.

Man...I really need to start taking more time looking for books. Now I am off to start Frankisstein again. Wish me luck! Btw, it's almost Friday, so that means I'll be going to the library again:)