"She wears black but has the most colorful mind."-Unknown

I love this quote. I found it while I was perusing my Pinterest one day. Yes...I have Pinterest! I love using it as a means of finding inspiration for my art. I find inspiration everywhere. In photos, paintings, quotes, song lyrics, poetry, everything. This quote spoke to me. I tend to be a little reserved when I'm around people, but really, my mind is bubbling with so much creativity, ideas, "color" that sometimes it's hard to focus or articulate! I get tongue-tied when I try to explain it, but I hope through sharing my work here I'll be able to find the words to speak this "colorful" mind of mine in more detail.

The photographer and I created these ink/body paint pressings on canvas as part of this series. They are available for purchase.

Extended series for members.

Matt Schmidt Photography///IG: @matt_schmidt__photography