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She wears black

Mar 24, 2021

So REPOST here, wanted to expand on it a bit :)

This is one of my favorite series I have done so far. I was perusing Pinterest one day and saw this quote: "She wears black, but has the most colorful mind." This series is a physical representation of that quote :). It really resonated with me personally. I tend to be reserved, quiet (sometimes), friendly, and conversational when around people, but really my mind is going a mile a minute. Sometimes it's hard to think straight! Haha!

I approached a photographer named Matt Schmidt about this idea bouncing around in my head and this is what we came up with :). Extended series for members. And the Body Pressings are available for purchase in the "Extras" section.

I'm going to Florida this week! (March 25th-29th so hope to get some adventure/art content down there :) 

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