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A Field Trip......

Apr 24, 2022

Hi Chaps,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying life?

This week on the channel has seen 2 new ventures of note. Our first volume of viewer style reviews in our 'AM I a Chap?' series and our first field trip to london to undertake a walking tour of Jermyn Street.

When I asked if any gentlemen would like my considered opinion on their style in a viewer review video, I must admit that I was doubtful if anyone would respond. Afterall, who am I to offer any advice, I am merely a middle-aged chap with only amateur credentials in the world of style. I know what I like and I've read a lot about traditional style - does that qualify me to pass any opinion?

Well, it seems so, as I have been deluged by images from well dressed men, who do indeed seek an opinion from this chap! Many thanks for the support and I hope you all enjoyed the 1st video in the series. We will probably have enough material for 6 or 7 future videos, which I will feed into the schedule at a rate of 1 every other Wednesday (ish..)

If you would like my opinions of your style, please drop me some images and information - I promise to be supportive and offer only useful and positive advice.

This week your donations via the Buy Me A Coffee route permitted me a train ticket to London, where I was able to undertake a walking tour of the men's style Mecca - Jermyn Street is perhaps the heart of style for well dressed men in perhaps the world's most historic and vibrant capital city. The streets are filled with impeccably well dressed men and the shops are a chap's dream.

I hope that you enjoyed the video, there will be more following soon on Saville Row and Bond Street when I get the opportunity to take a trip to London again. Thank you all again for supporting the channel with your donations - now you can see where your investment has helped.

See you next week,




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