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A little bit of heaven in the woods..... ...

A little bit of heaven in the woods........

May 08, 2022

Hi Chaps,

I hope you are all doing great and are enjoying life? As you know, I recently spent a few days at Oak Lodge (my hut in the woods) and used the time to film a few videos to share with you all. One of which was my perfect shave video, in which I shared the secrets of my personal shaving regime that I have honed over the many years since I started shaving seriously at age 17.

Many men consider shaving to be a torturous experience, with most complaining it takes too long, or that they suffer with negative effects from the physical act of shaving. I fully understand these observations, as I have been there myself over the years. But the 'hell yes' moment arrived for me about 15-years ago when I converted over to shaving with safety razors and discontinued my use of cartridge blades. These are shockingly expensive and did not work as well as the humble safety razor blade, that has been adept at shaving mens faces for centuries.

In my Saturday video this week, I enjoyed a wonderful shave in the outdoors at Oak Lodge. There is something quite magical about shaving in the early morning at my outdoor shaving station in the woodlands. Some might well ask "why bother shaving when you are having a few days of outdoor living in the woods - who is going to care?". Well, a good question, but for me shaving is an almost meditative process that wakes me up and makes me feel ready for the day, so for me, it is always worth the effort - and in any case, what if I bumped into a badger and he saw I was sporting a 48-hour stubble? Knowing the animals around these parts the word would get around in no time and my reputation would be tarnished!

Wednesday will be the last of my films from Oak Lodge, when I will explain the things I do at the lodge that help me to relax and regain calm in my ever busy life. I hope you will find it useful, then we will return to the more usual theme of the channel for the next videos.

I hope that you all enjoyed my little break in the woods - I know I have and it has been like a wonderful refreshing chapter in my life.

See you all next week.


The series from Oak Lodge so far...

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