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A Nice Break................

A Nice Break................

Jun 12, 2022

Hi Chaps,

I hope that you are all well and taking life in your stride. As we are well into June, the weather in England has taken a rather pleasant turn as we head into the warming embrace of the summer months. There are few places more beautiful than the lush, green countryside in the UK at this time of year and I have been enjoying every opportunity to get outdoors and embrace the fresh air. It also makes my life as a content creator a bit easier, as my outdoor studio is entirely dependent on the weather!

You may have missed my weekly message for the last two weeks, but things have been very hectic and sadly I was away from my keyboard for a while. 2-weeks ago we took the opportunity to take a short family break to Denmark, when we boarded an airplane for the first time in 2-years and hopped up to Copenhagen for a long weekend.

Copenhagen is a beautiful and typically Scandinavian city, with immaculate and safe streets to wander and enjoy the sights, sounds and cuisine of the Danish capital. We had a great time visiting all the attractions, even travelling around the island by train to see the various castles and museums, which were some of the best I have ever visited.

If you get the chance to visit Denmark, I would highly recommend it as a family break, a romantic getaway, or even as a base for wider traveling in Northern Europe. It was a touch chilly compared to England for the time of year, but perfect for walking and exploring.

Last weekend was also a very special occasion for those of us, who recognise Queen Elizabeth as our head of state and monarch. The whole country enjoyed a special 4-day weekend to celebrate her record breaking 70-year reign as our Sovereign and as the person, who has dedicated almost her entire life to unstinting public service.

My own village, like thousands of others around the Commonwealth, lit a beacon in celebration of this momentous occasion. It was wonderful event, where people of all ages joined together to say a special "thank you" to a remarkable woman, who has always been on hand to help the nation through time of hardship and concern.

Many of you reading this may be from a nation which has no monarchy and find the idea of a non-elected head of state as something out of step with the modern era. To be honest, if I think about it objectively it is very hard to argue in favour of a king or queen. But then in practice, when you get lucky enough to have a Queen like ours, you suddenly understand the virtues of having a non-political monarch, who's sole focus is the well being and improvement of their nation.

Long may Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth reign over us!

Take care and see you soon.


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