Hi Chaps,

I hope that you are all well and busy and enjoying life in the 'chap-lane'.

This week's YouTube video is all about my recent visit to the Dent's glove factory in Wiltshire. I must admit I knew nothing about the brand, or the immense quality of their remarkable gloves, so my trip was both fascinating and educational for me. To my chagrin, I had never heard of Dent's and their place in the pantheon of glove making history. But my trip certainly rectified that situation and I now have an tremendous understanding and appreciation for the glovers artform.

This experience has taught me an important lesson, namely that whatever age we are, and however well-rounded we think our knowledge to be, there is always a lot to learn about all aspects of life, be it social, professional or sartorial. I try to embrace every opportunity to take on new knowledge and use new information to flesh out my understanding of style and life in general.

I hope you all find a learnable opportunity in your lives in the coming weeks that will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of life. Regardless of the topic, all knowledge brings strength and greater understanding of our lives - happy learning!!