I often get asked, "why do you bother wearing a shirt and tie, when all the other chaps, even the seniors in your organisation, don't bother?"

Well, the answer is simple, I do not dress for the people around me, I dress because I want to demonstrate to the wider world something about my personal standards and how I see myself in society. I wear a tie and a jacket because I want people to know that I am a smart and practical man, even before we even exchange a single word - this is the power of being an intentionally well-dressed man. I essentially wear my personality in my clothing, in the same way that other people may display their affiliation for a particular sporting club, by wearing a replica of the team's playing garment (football shirt, rugby jersey, baseball cap, etc.)

I do these things because I am driven by the belief that these things matter, and that looking smart is a reflection of my personal ethos in life. These thoughts have been formed from my many years as a person who seeks to learn from the past and use the lessons learned by previous generations to form better decisions in the future.

Only yesterday I found myself in an unfamiliar village and with 30-minutes to kill before a meeting in a public building, I went for a stroll in the neighbouring church graveyard. I often undertake such walks, as I enjoy immersing myself in the social history of the residents of the cemetery, who often led interesting and tragic lives, which have now been memorialised on their gravestones.

I use these moments of quiet reflection to think about the past and how we have progressed as a society, but also why it is important to maintain personal standards and traditions. For me, a strong connection with the past is the way I dress. It is not 'old fashioned' or 'eccentric' to seek to look your best or smartest. Often, just by wearing a jacket and tie, I find that I am the best dressed man in 90% of situations that I encounter. So be it! I hope the rest of the world will soon realise that wearing sweatpants and t-shirts everyday is not they way to be remembered as a society.

So chaps, stand firm, do not be afraid to look your best in any situation and do your bit to help history judge our era more favorably.

Best regards,