Hi Chaps,

After 2-weeks of videos with a distinct woodland theme, today I have resumed normal service and my Saturday video is all about the reasons why I think wearing a tie is a valuable addition to any man's outfit.

I know that ties can be very divisive, some chaps think they are an anachronistic throwback to the past, that they offer no practical application or use to your outfit and that they are outdated and pointless. To others, like myself, I think the tie is perhaps the one item in your outfit that delineates between the man who has made and effort and the man who has done the minimum to dress to an acceptable standard.

For me, the tie is a smart and colourful accessory that allows a stylish man to bring colour, pattern and texture into his outfit. It can bring joy to your clothing, such as when attending a wedding or happy occasion, or ot can bring respect and sombreness, as when worn at a funeral or memorial event. It can show affiliation to a group or organisation, such as regimental or club tie, or it can just be a sign that you are a free spirit (as ably demonstrated in the above image by my 'shocking' pink tie).

Of course I do not wear a tie every day, just on the occasions where I think that the deployment of such an item will positively enhance my appearance. In fact, I only wear a tie on about 2-days a week when my daily activity needs the boost of a sharp physical presence, but I would not be without the humble tie in my wardrobe - what do you think?



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