Yesterday, we went out for a snorkel to collect data on the health of the reef using our CoralWatch Coral Health Charts.

CoralWatch is a citizen science project based at the University of Queensland, Australia.  working with volunteers worldwide to increase understanding of coral reefs, coral bleaching and climate change

The Coral Health Chart standardises changes in coral colours, and provides a simple way for people to quantify coral health and contribute to the CoralWatch global database.

The method is simple and you don’t have to be a scuba diver or a scientist in order to participate. It's widely used by conservation groups, dive centers, schools, tourists and scientists.

The colours on the chart below are based on the actual colours of bleached and healthy corals. Each colour square corresponds to the concentration of symbiotic algae living in the coral tissue, which is directly linked to coral health. So the darker the coral, the healthier it is.

By helping to gather important data that scientists otherwise would not have access to, we have the opportunity to contribute and improve the evidence used to make decisions about how our reefs are managed.

Since 2020, we surveyed 1811 corals.

If you would like to learn more about CoralWatch or any other of our Citizen Science projects, then message us. Bring out your inner scientist? :-D

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