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Hey 👋 I'm @richardhine, aka @TheDailyEdge on Twitter and Facebook since 2010, and now in 2020, the Unprecedented newsletter on Substack, too...

Unprecedented is a newsletter dedicated to exposing the lies and corruption of Trump and the GOP—and delivering arguments to help Democrats win in 2020. Each article delivers a short, punchy analysis of a timely topic—and serves up usable facts and truth bombs to help you reshape the argument and defeat outrageous right-wing talking points, online and off.

During the "new abnormal" of the coronavirus pandemic, I'm making all of my Unprecedented articles free, so I've set up this page as an alternative (cheaper) way for any readers who may like to support my work with a one-time donation, large or small. Thanks and stay safe!

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Much of your contribution to twitter is appreciated. Your comments are usually balanced, and you address the important issues. Thanks...

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Great article, in trying times. Thank You!

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