Hello Empire Study Group!

As you may have known, or not known, I was pregnant and have officially given birth to a baby emporer. He was born 06/21/2021. 💙

I will be getting invites out to you all hopefully today and over the weekend as well as rescheduling some consulting calls that have been scheduled.

Because this little bugger came earlier than expected, I will also be re-hosting the Ultimate Cybersecurity Giveaway that included the following prizes:

  • Winner 1: Security+ Voucher

  • Winner 2: Ethical Hackers Academy SOC course

  • Winner 3: Free 1hr Consultation with Me

I will re-host the giveaway next Monday and will make an announcement here, the Discord, and via my Twitter so you guys know where to sign up and enter. 💕

After next week I will officially be on maternity leave for about 3-4 months to enjoy motherhood and get to know my baby. I will still be in the Discord providing resources, tips, job updates and motivation but will not be doing any 1-1 consulting.

Thank you all for being so patient and understanding. Baby D appreciates you all for letting him enjoy his mama. ♥️


DE 💖