What is The Edition :

The Edition ( https://intheedition.wordpress.com ) is a guest opinion blog, which features policy based opinion articles, authored by distinguished scholars and experts from around the world.

Project Modus Operandi :

The Edition, works in two ways through its platform -

  1. Online - Features policy based opinion and promotes World Traditional Music

2. Offline - Care for and share Indian intangible heritage like folk performing arts and handicrafts and dying languages and help to upgrade living conditions of the artists.

Project Synopsis :

For the last 2 years (since 2019) I have been running this blog on my solitary capacity in terms of nominating authors, sending them invites to write for The Edition, editing pieces, working on designing using paid softwares, choosing photographs and pictures, inviting illustrators to draw images for the articles, publishing the pieces, sending out confirmation emails and also newsletters, making payments to authors and illustrators.

This work is gradually growing. Strips of this gamut of work I intend to hive off to people and, in the process, create employment. I intend to hire employees, not only from India but from foreign countries as well, set up a decent working space, purchase desks and chairs, logistics like computers, colour printers and mobile phones, stationery, fans and lights, pay electricity bills, meet travel expenses, and more, importantly, pay expenses for a 24X7 broadband internet connection for this entire work. A substantial cost will also incur on migrating the blog to a full fledged website with big server space and registering The Edition as a company.

Additionally, The Edition also endeavours to work towards promoting World Traditional Music ( https://intheedition.wordpress.com/category/w-o-r-l-d-m-u-s-i-c/ ) and caring and sharing Indian intangible heritage like dying performing arts, handicrafts, languages. 

To do this work, I frantically search for international folk music bands, talk to them about the kind of work they do in their countries, the international awards they have won, screen the bands and feature their work (currently their group video) on The Edition. Going forward I plan to make it a virtual live concert.

Along with this, I also intend to help and support various folk and tribal artists, this on The Edition's platform but offline, those who are working in remote Indian villages towards preserving performing arts and handicrafts for generations to retain the country's heritage and also uplift their living conditions since they are too poor to sustain a decent living or educate their children or get access to decent healthcare.

Same with languages. I intend that my team and I travel to remote areas, meet tribes, find out their languages that are on the verge of extinction and document them as part of heritage preservation. This would require immense travelling in teams, lodging in remote areas for weeks and good gadgets like microphone and camera for recording and documentation purpose. Therefore a big expense.

All of you my generous friends, if you consider this humble initiative of mine worthwhile and be kind to fund or sponsor my plan, part of which I have already started and currently working on, it will be a big, big help. 

I don't want to seek financial aid from political parties or government, in order to retain non partisan nature and integrity of the project.

About me :

I live in Kolkata, India. I am a graduate in Electronics and done certification in management from Indian Institute of Management, Indore, India. My professional experience range from stints in media, a culture based NGO to majorly in Information Technology. I am married with 2 kids.

Contact :

If you are interested to know more about my project and me, I am always reachable at [email protected] or you can message me on The Edition facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/1edition1