The Flight House is Books, Music, Podcasts, Videos, Articles, Art | By Catholic Creators

The Mission:

The Flight House is an organization that supports Catholics who are creating, particularly if their work is not Catholic at first glance. We do so through coaching, online courses, crowdfunding, and online and in-person community. 

The Flight House is named for the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt. Dedicated to the care of St. Joseph, The Flight House is an on-the-road ministry connecting Catholic creators across the US. We host pop-up events in a city near you, at a local park or in a church basement, to delve deep into how you are called to use your creativity to renew the world.

Behind the Name: 

The Flight House is named for the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt. In this world where the secular has obscured our Christ-centered roots, we seek to live in close unity with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, traveling with them on the roads they choose, no matter how strange or far.

The Dream:

The Flight House fosters Christ-centered community and artistic renewal to awaken a new Renaissance of cultural growth in our family, neighborhood, church, and world. This outburst of growth in the hearts of those who love the Lord is resulting in an outburst and overflow in society. One creator at a time, we are teaching the world to walk in union with God, immersing ourselves deeply and fruitfully in beauty, truth, and love.

The Flight House Course

The goal with the Flight House is to help those whose desires to create are buried: who are struggling to see themselves as a creative person. I want to help artists step out of the linear path the world claims we should walk, and step into the fullness God plans for us.

What roadblocks are keeping you from pursuing your creative genius? What virtues should you cultivate to step into and claim the life you want? 

The Lord has created you with a unique gift: the gift to see the world through your own particular creative lens, so don’t wait to follow His call. If you want to create, what’s holding you back?

Learn how to take practical steps in your business to achieve the results of consistently producing, promoting, and profiting. Learn alongside 5 other Catholic creators, and delve deep into what it means to create as a creature of God, made in His Image and Likeness. Learn the skill of discerning His voice as it relates to your call in life, and in the practical, day-to-day matters of creating, selling, and connecting.

This 4-week course will teach you how to integrate your creative interests into your everyday life, how to overcome the roadblocks that are holding you back from maintaining a routine, how to define the direction you want to pursue as a creator, and much more!

One on One Coaching

We will meet one on one to work on your business goals and summit, address roadblocks, and set new goals to maximize your growth and ensure you achieve your dreams! Let's meet in person to strategize your business and personal growth.