I haven’t published a podcast episode in awhile, but that doesn’t mean Maria and I haven’t been working together behind the scenes. There are a couple episodes I should technically publish before this one, but I can’t resist! 

This episode is SO GOOD!

So many people have been asking “What is the Flight House All About?” And, you know what, I’ve been asking myself the same question! 

Launching something brand new comes with it’s own questions. 

It’s great and beautiful to say you want to support Catholic artists, but what does that support, specifically, look like?

This is why I’ve been working with Maria. This is what we’ve been developing. This is what God has been clarifying in our hearts.

And here it is - in a nutshell!

In this episode I clarify that my goal with the Flight House - and particularly with this first course I am creating right now - is to help those whose desires to create are buried: who are struggling to see themselves as a creative person. I want to help artists step out of the linear path the world claims we should walk, and step into the fullness God plans for us.

With details, examples, and a dream, Maria and I lay out what has brought her blessings from our time together, and the vision that is developing on my end around the specifics of The Flight House Course.