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Veronica is an aerialist and choreographer who creates stories for stage and film through the art of circus. She has over 20 years of experience in theatre and circus as a performer, writer, and choreographer.  

As a performer, she blends dark and macabre themes with delicate and dreamy movement -  commanding sensitivity and nuance in performance that creates an experience that is weird, beautiful, and magical. She possesses a strong artistic vision, a deeply grounded nature, and an endless well of creativity. This, along with a commitment to respecting every performer’s autonomy in finding their own creative voice, makes her an excellent choreographer who is comfortable leading a group of artists. Veronica is obsessed with storytelling and is on a lifelong quest to pry open the human heart and explore its most vulnerable truth.

To get away from the boredom and monotony of the human world, she plays D&D, makes fantasy costumes, and buys shoes in the kids department because they’re sparkly. And yes, she really is a witch.