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The Best Available Episode 001 - An Arcane Trail and Pit Your Wits

Aug 19, 2022

First thing is first. Here's the link!


Took a long road but we finally got here. So many assets were made, conversations were had, and the cutting room floor is so deep I have to untie my legs before I get up from my desk while I'm editing but damn is it all so worth it!

I have a hard time complimenting myself but I really think this came out amazingly well! Please let me know what you think, share this with anyone you think might enjoy it, and thank you all so much for joining me on this beautiful journey.

I'm shooting high for this next video. There's a lot of assets already made for 002 - 004 and I'm already cranking away on it so take heart. This next one should take a LOT less time now that we've got a pattern down.

I'm gonna go collapse now. Much love to you all and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. <3

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