AWS News Letter and show results from 11 ...

AWS News Letter and show results from 11/27/21

Nov 29, 2021

Hello AWS Wrestling Fans! Here are the results from AWS Stomping Out Hunger this past Saturday .

The show opened with The GM Dixie the Spider Queen ,reminding everyone of the rules of no cussing and no grabbing or hitting the wrestlers. Then as soon as she finished thanking the sponsors ACE Harris came out an first tried demanding a match with Ronnie York, and was quickly reminded that The Spider Queen doesn't take orders from anyone. He recently then tried making a request with a slightly different tone . This worked more in his favor as the GM then granted the request.

That however was not the first match of the evening. The first match was The return of Lazarus Black as he took on Tony Lyvan . These two both refused to give up and gave each other a beating , in the end Lazarus was the victor .

Match 2 of the evening didn't even wait for the introduction, and music as Tyler Blaze and Josh Magnum fought out to the ring! The did start the street fight in the ring but it quickly went outside and around the building where not only did they fight to the bathrooms and hit each other with chairs before fighting their way back to the ring. This was a brutal fight but this time Tyler Blaze got the win with the use of a trash can.

The 3rd match of the evening was Ace Harris vs Ronnie York and we are fairly sure ACE is glad he decided not to put his CMW Championship Title on the line as Ronnie York got the win over him in the match that Ace had personally requested.

Then Two new comers faced off Alexion took on Jada Stone and Alexion was not happy he lost to Jada Stone it seems loosing to a female may have hurt his pride more than the sharp kicks hurt him physically.

Then squeaks The Clown defended his newly won SCW Championship against Fuego Caldron. These two big men fought hard and all over the ring and outside the ring , but it was Squeaks the Clown who pulled off the win even if it was barely . I am sure these two will face each other again soon.

Then Dixie the Spider Queen had planned to interview Avril about the attempted kidnapping that Akbar Bashar had done to distract Ryker during the Ladder match at the last show. But it was Akbar Bashar and Kat Daddy who came out saying they where upset that Avril was picked for an interview spot over them. The GM allowed them to have their little talk in which Sheik called for Bubba Hogg to come out then asked Him to join Global Domination. To the shock and very much the disproval of the GM Bubba accepted. It was at this time Dewey Goodbutter 3rd decided this was the best time to come out and demand yet another match with the Sheik Akbar Bashar. You would think the guys would have learned by now this is not the best way to approach Dixie the Spider Queen. When the already annoyed GM informed Dewey he couldn't have a match with Akbar Bashar this week he had a temper tantrum. So Dixie told him she would give him a match with a member of Global , This seemed to make him happy until She informed him it was with the newest member Bubba Hogg and it was right then. Bubba seemed to enjoy beating Mr. Goodbutter down and didn't even care that he got disqualified for using the bull rope and another foreign object. The match ended with The GM perhaps regretting the tough love decision to put Dewey against Bubba Hogg. As she had to help stop Bubba and Akbar from hanging him with the bull rope.

It was after all this That The GM got to interview Avril where she cleverly renamed Akbar Bashar The evil Elf instead of the Syrian Sheik. And she agreed that if the evil Elf had not caused the distraction with trying to kidnap her that Ryker would have won the ladder match. This brought Akbar Bashar the Elf back to the ring and once again he went after Avril. But Ryker came out armed with a ball bat, and announced his rematch with Kat Daddy latter on in the show was a 15min iron man match. And instead of being for the titles if he won he wanted a match against Akbar Bashar.

Ryker than took the opportunity to bring out and introduce members of what he called team AWS that would take out Global Domination. After he introduced Ronnie York, Rush Kennedy, Sir Wesley Willams, and himself , Tyler Blaze came out and said he should have been Next up The Syrian Sheik Akbar Bashar took on Antonio Morgan. It seemed that Antonio was going to get the win but of course Akbar Bashar had a plan and members of Global seemed to aide in his victory.

Then Rush Kennedy took on Sir Wesley Willams for the AWS House of pain Championship. It looked as if Sir Whesley Willams was going to get another win but members of Global came out and interfered causing The ref to call a no contest. So Sir Wesley Willams remains the House of Pain Champion.

After that match cleared the ring, with a little distrust showing between Rush Kenndey and Sir Wesley . Dixie the Spider Queen announced she was suppose to defend the Queens Championship against Pink Passion. But they didn't show. So she issued an open Challenge, and it was Dark Star who came out to accept the challenge. He was accompanied to the ring by Ace Harris. Even with Ace trying to interfere Dixie got the win.

The main event of the evening was the Iron Man Match with Kat Daddy facing Ryker. Kat Daddy scored the first pinfall quickly but with in a few minutes Ryker got a pinfal evening the score. But Kat Daddy was able to take the lead after beating Ryker to a point he couldn't answer a 10 count. Then as time almost ran out Ryker tied the score with his second win. However time ran out before either man could get a 3rd win. Meaning there was no clear winner.

The next Show is set For DEC 11th and its the Massacre before Christmas Toy for tots show! Tickets are $10 or a new unwrapped toy of a $10 value! We Hope you will come out and support this amazing cause and enjoy an action packed show.

As Always AWS Wrestling would like to thank our sponsors The Glamour Web Confidence & Relationship Coaching 8644971415, AQL Automotive , Right wayAuto 803-3780117 and Alternative Graphics

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