How to crate a style you love!

How to crate a style you love!

Mar 02, 2021

weather you know it or not you have a personal style. Your style is what or how people think of when they see you and when they think of you. So what doese your style say about you? What is your style? If you have no clue what your style is , dont worry it is easier than you may think to crate your style and have it be one you love!

I got a crash course in personal style and personal branding when I started Burlesque. I developed a the Spider Queen persona and from there the style and branding came. I love spiders and witchy magical stuff so I made sure to incorporate all of that into my outfits , and makeup. The Spider Queen brand stands out due to attention to style. My spider bling other clothing helped with this.

I realized I loved having this style not just for the stage but everyday so I decided to update my style for 1st time in years. I decided I wanted more than basic ts and jeans and then dress clothes for work. I wanted a personal style for both. And Here are steps I took to create my style , you can use these tips to develop your style as well.

  1. Decide what you want your style to be, if you need help look online at different styles and see what you like and relate to. For me I love the glam goth and office goth looks.

  2. Look in your closet and see what you already have that will work with your desired new style. Try pairing graphic ts with dress slacks or leather leggings if you have them. Put a dress shirt with jeans and a blazer . Try new color combos!!!!

  3. look up makeup looks you like try new looks

  4. find a style and clothing that is confrontable for you and that works for your daily life!

  5. Choose things that make you feel beautiful and that you love! re your remember personal style should be a reflection of you!

    If you need help with creating a style reach out to a stylist or beauty coach for help!

    feel free to message me for a free mini session

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