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Is there magic in Red Lipstick?

Aug 30, 2021

It’s #makeovermonday!

Is there magic in wearing red lipstick?

I don’t know if you call it magic or not but for me it was a big confidence boost! For years I would say to myself I am going to try a red lips look. Then I would talk myself out of it, because more than once I had heard people make remarks about ladies who wore red lipstick! I believe those negative comments and remarks came from a time in history where it was actually illegal to wear red lipstick, yes it’s true at one time it was against the law to wear red lipstick because it was considered to sexual and even a form of witchcraft!

But as long as I can remember I have loved the pinup style and pinup models and most of those glamorous images wear bold red lips! And I wanted to give it a try. But again I struggled with confidence, and told myself oh that wouldn’t look good with my pale complexion, along with other excuses. Then after doing a little personal development & seeing how stepping out of my little comfort zone could bring big changes I did it! I ordered a beautiful red lipstick from Aloette cosmetics! Cabaret! And once I tried it I loved it! It is now part of my daily looks! It was seeing myself as pretty dare I say beautiful that led me to have the confidence to not only start to allow myself to dress in pinup style clothing and looks but I actually entered my 1st pinup contest! And that confidence shift started with trying the forbidden red lipstick!

So what’s something you find glamorous but haven’t allowed yourself to try? And why not?

Ps. If it’s red lipstick here is a link to get one or 2 red lip colors to try www.Aloette.com/elainebridged #confidence And if you want to work on building your confidence message me, for a free consultation

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