Keeping Date Night Alive when you have k ...

Keeping Date Night Alive when you have kids

Feb 06, 2021

Ok I know how hard it is to plan a date night when you have kids at home. It can be hard to find a sitter, it can be expensive for a date night sitter. And right now with covid money may be tight and choice of places togo for a date may be limited, So I thought I would share a couple ideas to help keep date night alive and well. I am going to start doing a date night theme post every Friday with new ideas so stay tuned.

For the 1st date night tip or idea , Have a home movie night! Plan this on a night where you can stay up late and not worry about being up early the next day. Stock up on snacks you love to share and pick out a movie or two. On demand on cable has lots of choices, Netflix, prime video or old fashion dvds. Pick movies you both will enjoy or you each pick one. Iove creature movies , horror flicks, my hubby loves action films. So for our movie nights we each pick a movie to watch. Here is a tip if you want movie theater popcorn, get the extra butter popcorn and as soon as it comes out of the microwave put popcorn butter on it. You can get a bottle at most grocery stores. If you have a air popper add the butter when it finishes popping.

After you put kids to bed and the little ones are sleeping start your movie night. Turn lights down snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy the movie. A bonus to home movie night is you can be in your favorite pjs and you can get your sexy on and not worry about getting caught.

If you get that guilty feeling for having a movie night without the kids have a family movie time before putting kids to bed, and having your couples movie date night. This is a fun and easy date night idea when you cant go out.

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