Keeping Romance Alive in long-term relat ...

Keeping Romance Alive in long-term relationships

Feb 01, 2021

Keeping romance alive is so easy at the beginning of a relationship. You take the little actions to show you care and are intentional about being present with your partner. You make spending time together a priority and look for ways to show you care.

Where we can run into problems is when we are in a relationship for months and years , we start to take for granted that the other person knows how we feel and stop making an effort at the little things . Then unfortunately our beloved starts to feel ignored, and perhaps unwanted. Then the relationship can be in trouble.

It isnt that hard to keep romance alive in your long relationship! making a effort to do the little things daily and plan for couple time can bring back the spark and help start a new chapter in your love story. Here are some great things to do everyday to help keep your romance blooming.

  1. Hold hands. Yes when you and your partner are out and about or at home watching TV reach out and take their hand. It is a small gesture but has a big impact. Do not underestimate this tiny gesture. Me and my hubby are going on 19 years of marriage and we still hold hands walking through stores at the park and yes home on sofa watching tv.

  2. ask them about their day. Show interest in their day and ask how it was and share about your day as well.

  3. Say I love you, tell them every morning and every night at very least you love them. yes they know but it means a lot to hear it daily.

  4. surprise them with a text, just text them to say hi and let them know you are thinking about them.

  5. write them a love letter, ok this one can be done once a month or every few months but take time often to write a love letter telling your beloved how you feel and leave it for them to find during the day.

  6. . Hug , give them a hug ask for a hug and embrace each other everyday

  7. compliments , give you partner compliments everyday, tell them they look good, tell them you like their hair or perfume. make it a point to give them a compliment everyday.

  8. . make a list of everything you love about them, keep a journal and everyday write down everything you love and apricate about your partner. 1. this will actual attract more of those qualities to show through each day, and 2. it will remind you of why you vaule this person and not to take them for granted.

    1. ask them about their dreams and goals, be their support and cheerleader and let them know you believe in them.

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