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The Importance of a Beauty Routine!

Feb 23, 2021

Do you ever have days where you wake up and you just feel blah? I mean you're tired ,no energy, and not an ounce of motivation at all kind of mornings? What do you do on those mornings? Do you get up and just fumble through the day, or do you try to find away to turn it around?

That was me this morning I woke up feeling drained and just blah. I seriously did not want to get out of the bed. But, I had a full day of things that needed to be done so hiding in bed was not an option. My first thought was Im just going to take a quick shower , and toss on a oversize t shirt and sweat pants and i wont cut my camera on for zoom meetings today, Then as i reached for a t shirt and sweats i realized that just made me feel even more unmotivated. So I took my shower still thinking it was just going to be a off day. Luckily the hot shower with my favorite body wash helped wash away some of the funk I was feeling. And I decided to try something different. Instead of my t and sweats I choose a dress shirt and nice jeans to wear. I noticed I felt a tiny bit more motivated and actually seeing how good my ass looked in the jeans I felt a little better . Then I went to my trusted mirror and said ok lets get my day going right. I started doing my makeup and I can not explain it once I started and saw my eyes come alive with my favorite colors and my red lips looking back at me I felt better physically and mentality. I had more energy and I was motivated to get my work started and conquer the day. I am not saying makeup has healing powers but having a beauty routine and giving yourself the gift of taking time for it is important. It is a proven fact that when you feel like you look good you feel better. So whats your beauty routine? What is something you can do when you are feeling low to help lift yourself back up?

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