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The Gravel Ride Podcast started in 2018 as a passion project to explore the emerging gravel cycling subset of our sport.    While I've had a long term love affair with cycling (as long as a stint working within in the industry), it was discovering gravel cycling in 2015 that re-ignited my passion.   I'm seeking to help athletes find the stoke in gravel cycling through conversations with athletes, event organizers and product designers. 

As the podcast has grown, I'm in need of some support to help offset some of the hard expenses I incur. 

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Here's to finding some dirt under your wheels

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Thanks for your hard work and incredibly informative podcast. 

Robert Dixon
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Greetings from N Wales in the UK. The pod is always a great listen covering a broad range of gravel related subject matter.Keep up the good work!

Marty Yee
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Thanks for all the work you put into this!

Thanks, Marty.   I really appreciate your support.  Keep a listen out for some new community features as we are working on a new forum to share information.   Feel free to send episode ideas my way!