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10+ episodes now!! New eps on USA and Czechia

Oct 22, 2021

Woohoo, The Greener Side is now on its 11th episode! I must admit, it's hard work to research + produce a podcast by your lonesome. Good thing it's a super enjoyable project!

Since we last posted here, we've uploaded two episodes:

USA on an F1 (student) visa with Christopher Cruz - listen here

Do you want to study in the United States? The Greener Side and guest Chris Cruz give you a rundown of USA's F1 visa!

Episode guide:

* 00:00 - 04:40: We introduce Chris Cruz and learn about his journey to the USA

* 04:40 - 26:40: The F1 visa: what are its requirements for undergrad and postgrad programs? How long a time should you give yourself to prepare your visa requirements? Does the States have any universities for the Filipino budget? We give you tips on how to get your F1 visa.

* 26:40 - 43:30: How different is the USA's work and study environment vs the Philippines? Americans are known for their individualistic spirit; what are the pros and cons of this trait? We also talk about what the environment in this country is like for Asians, especially at the time of the coronavirus.

* 43:30 - end: is the grass greener in the States? The answer may surprise you.

Czech Republic on a Schengen visa and long-term residence card - listen here

Have you ever considered moving to the Czech Republic? This episode delves into how you could work in Czechia, its requirements for its Schengen visa and long-term residence card, and its people and culture. Pojďme (Let's go)!

Episode guide:

* Start - 02:50: We introduce our Brno-based interviewee Adrian Ramos

* 02:50 - 11:40: We talk about Czech Republic's Schengen visa and long-term residence card, plus tips on how you could move to the country.

* 11:40 - 20:30: What are the pros and cons of living as a Filipino in this non-English speaking country? We also talk about Czech Republic's work environment and its people.

* 20:30 - 25:30: More information about the long-term residence card, plus what jobs are in demand in the country?

* 25:30 - 38:00: How different is life in Prague versus Brno versus Manila? Plus, a plot twist that we didn't see coming!

* 38:00 - end: Is the grass greener in Czechia?

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