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Carbon Taxes in the EU

Aug 21, 2021

The framework that the EU is setting for carbon taxes in their "Green New Deal" is truly fascinating and something that may influence climate policy in the US or globally. We dug into the challenges this policy shift is causing in international trade and how it could influence more countries to shift to cleaner sources of energy. Furthermore we dug into a startup working on making an alternative to mineral salts so vertical farming can drive truly organic produce into the market. Would love for you to stop by the newsletter and let us know what you'd like us to research next!

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Breaking down the aggressive carbon tax included in the Green EU Deal

  • The EU is trying to unwind decades of subsidies provided to fossil fuels – these subsidies came about after WWII (as fossil fuel was cheapest then)

  • The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a policy suggestion that imposes taxes on every company based on their carbon footprint – including imported products

  • The CBAM is being strongly opposed by China and Russia which are major trade partners with the EU – this is likely due to their own fossil fuel usage

How an alternative to mineral salts can help vertical farming deliver truly organic foods

  • Current offerings for soilless and vertical farming utilizes mineral salts and products that can lead to food safety concerns – much like how processed foods tend to lack nutrients

  • Mineral salts currently contribute to 3% of GHG emissions, globally and sustainable farming of them can significantly decarbonize vertical farming operations

  • Re-Nuble is one such company that is focused on delivering an alternative that helps vertical farmers deliver truly organic produce

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