I am incredibly grateful for the support you have shown in shouting me a coffee or 3. I am truly humbled.

I have been doing a little more digging around this site and have discovered I can offer you a membership too. 

This will be a "Buymeacoffee.com" EXCLUSIVE membership which means you can support the ongoing production of "Ask The iPad Man LIVE" with either a monthly ($5) or yearly ($50) pledge of support.

This show needs a lot of equipment and a lot of time to put together so your ongoing support will make a huge difference.

There is no obligation to take up this membership but I do want to make it worth your while so I will also be publishing a few videos per month EXCLUSIVELY for "Buymeacoffee.com" members and because you have already been INCREDIBLY generous I have reduced the price for the next 10 days to $4/mth or $40/yr. 

This reduced membership ends 5th February: If you want to support me monthly or yearly at the reduced membership follow this link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/theipadman?offer=20offbuymeacoffeemembership

Once again I am so grateful you see enough value in the show I produce for you to support me with coffee.

Have a wonderful week,

Colin - The iPad Man.