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Hi there 👋, my name is Jackie and I am a self-care advocate. I help women realize the importance of self-care mentally, spiritually and physically. One of the ways I do this is through my new established bath soak and home fragrance business called Mood Salts, where we help you soak better; because no one wants to smell like lavender or eucalyptus all the time right?  You can check out my Moods Salts Shop on Etsy HERE!!


Self Care by MY definition is the consistent practice of nurturing your mind, body and soul so that they continue to develop in a natural, healthy and balanced way.

Self Care in balance is very important in that it ensures that you are caring for yourSELF first before you meet the needs of other people and other obligations!

I also plan to start adding more content to my Youtube channel Yayy!!!  Feel free to check it out HERE!!