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I'm just another human who enjoys doing meaningful work.

Combining my passion and purpose, I do three core things:

  • Create. My passion projects: ink paintings, a podcast, photo journals, and essays.
  • Partner. I consult with emerging individuals, artists, and brands to develop creative + branding strategies that align with their deepest values and potential. 
  • Empower. I currently host Bunker Hour, a virtual experience, each month. But my dream is to be a life coach one day. So I empower and educate folks who are from all different walks of life and backgrounds. 

If you're finding some value in my work, consider supporting it with a donation. Thank you in advance for choosing to be here when you can be anywhere else, and for valuing my work. It means the world, and I do this for people like you.

If you're curious about what I'm currently up to, check out the links below!