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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

Funds will first go towards gas & parking. I live an hour from the busier streets. Please also feel free to make a suggestion. I will do my best to accommodate. As the channel grows I will try to adjust to make the content better for supporters.

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Thanks for the nice streetnotes videos

You're the best, Manfred! Thank you so much for supporting! :)

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Thanks for your enthusiasm. Your work is motivating. 👍 4nareff 

4nareff, you are a star! Thanks so much for supporting!

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Cheers, mate. I like how you share your thinking process during street photography. I find it helpful and encouraging.

Scott, you're a gentleman! I really appreciate the support :)

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Thanks so much! Your support is much appreciated :)

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I like your video's, Keep 'em coming!

Thank you, Timon! You are amazing!