Colder weather is in the forecast starting this weekend, but my heart is warmed by the wonderful treats I purchased last weekend from an area grower.

My sis, Karen, and I met this couple at the Fergus Falls Farmers Market a couple of years ago. Well, actually, they knew my brother, Byron, who had been a vendor at the market for many years and they knew my sister as well, but our connection deepened as we visited with them on market days. They asked if we would want produce and goodies through the winter and, of course, we said YES! So all last winter and now through this winter I will get text messages when they have produce ready.

On Saturday I picked it up - cherry tomatoes they grow under grow lights and sweet rolls plus doughnuts!

The cherry tomatoes are a great treat! The tomatoes are actually plants they had outdoors in late summer, but they were still producing. The couple found room in their house and, with the help of grow lights, the plants have continued to produce. Those plants are nearing the end of their productivity, however, but other plants they started from seed are flowering and should be bearing fruit soon!

They also grow small sweet peppers and spicy peppers over winter.

Their vegetable selection during the market season includes a wide range of vegetables plus potatoes (they grow several varieties) and raspberries. The raspberries are both mid-summer bearing and fall. I love the fresh raspberries!

What they don't sell at the market, they freeze and use those berries to make wonderful raspberry jam! What a great winter treat that is on my toast!

While I had a good breakfast, my mouth is already watering for my noon salad that will be topped by those fresh, plump cherry tomatoes!

What a yummy treat in mid-winter!

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