There are these special winds,

You’d know them very well

If you ever stood nearby the sea,

Or atop a mountain hill


These special winds are crisp and clean

endowed with powers which go unseen

their gusts will cleanse your universal self, 

passing through you with ease


On your porch, late at night

on the first warm day of spring

After a day that felt almost as long

as those frigid months gone by 


Mother earth will bring to you;

with her shamanic breath;

collected from the ocean’s shores

and tops of every cliff


She will gather their power.

their energies and gifts

as they kiss your cheeks,  and clear your mind

your gratitude growing deep within


When you think her generosity will surely cease

those special winds grow even stronger

and as that last bluster grazes your tingling skin,

you faintly hear the Mothers voice inside your ear



“I love you,

oh so much,

my dear”