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Loss is a universal experience that will affect us all at some point in our lives. Our vision is to create a loss positive culture, that enables us all to accept grief and loss as a part of life and to support each other better. 

The Loss Project is creating a framework to help individuals, communities and organisations to acknowledge loss in a healthier way in whatever context. We work with and acknowledge all losses including living losses, such as jobs, relationships, connection etc as well as the loss of loved ones. We are interested to understand the interaction between losses, and how we can create a culture that acknowledges, embraces and even celebrates this complex human experience.

The Loss Project aims to generate a community response to loss by connecting people in local communities through their experiences of grief, loss and trauma, in whatever form they come in. Our mission is to challenge the stigma and taboo around loss, cutting through the barriers of difficult conversations and subjects that can often remain unspoken. We put people with lived experience first, whilst building capacity, awareness, confidence for us to support ourselves and each other. Through training, workshops, and bespoke creative community programmes, we aim to support communities to become more open and connected.