Buy The Lost Sound - Dartmoor Folk Choir a coffee


Hey 👋 we just created a page here. You can now buy us a coffee!

Hello! We are a mixed voice choir of around 40 singers, based in Dartmoor, Devon. We are excited to share our new 'Homegrown Harmony' videos with you, to raise money to keep us going, but also to keep local charities going, too!

We are in a very fortunate position of being sponsored by Heart and Soul Funerals, an award winning funeral directors, in Buckfastleigh and Totnes, Devon, who also train celebrants and are leaders in modernising the funeral industry. Their sponsorship has kept us going during Covid and we want to keep going for a lot longer!

Usually we are knee deep in concerts at this time of year, but we've missed two seasons of singing due to Covid and we were desperate to sing are singing in small groups instead! Everything from 1 to 6 people and we are singing everywhere, literally! From Exeter to Plymouth you can hear harmony!

We've sung in warehouses and in back gardens, in kitchen showrooms and in parks, overlooking the sea and by rivers; anywhere we can find, we are singing!

Buying us a coffee can keep us move forward and help us to help others - Thank-you for getting this far!

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With our love and thanks,

Sandra Smith (our MD) and The Lost Sound singers

Tony Penhalagan
Tony Penhalagan bought a coffee.

My friend posted the song about the island in the Hebrides on FB, I played it watching the lights of Paignton twinkling across the bay, made me smile x

So pleased, Tony, sounds like a perfect way to listen. Thanks for donating to this great cause, too

Christine Boyd
Christine Boyd bought 3 coffees.

Wonderful to hear and for you to all know that the beautiful music you have crafted together is spreading joy and hope in these difficult times.

Ah, thanks for those kind words Chrissie! There's more to come - over the next few weeks xx

Ms Rosemary Targett
Ms Rosemary Targett bought a coffee.

This is a beautiful song and arrangement that is beautifully sung. 

So glad you enjoyed it Rosemary! Thank-you for your support and glad you're listening to the other songs too xx

Ju bought a coffee.

Perfect accompaniment to my cup of tea!

How wonderful! Hope the tea hit the spot! Thanks for supporting us!

pauline kavanagh
pauline kavanagh bought 5 coffees.

I loved listening to the song and wanted to donate to such a worthy and wonderful life changing cause. 

Ah, that's lovely, thanks so much Pauline. We're hoping we can help spread their name around a wider audience - they do great work!