Another beautiful song about country life is sung by one of our high sopranos, Maralin. Maralin has been with us for about 10 years - and is a key member of our choir. This is a beautiful song and really suits her voice.

For those of us who live in the country, you will recognise all the references of country living, the pride of rearing ones own animals, the husbandry, the country shows (We love going to our local show each bank holiday in August - it's full of games, including, throw the straw bale and obviously all the prizes for best produce.) It is the rhythm of the country year that resounds in this song, one that is perhaps not as noticeable in city life, where people are indoors so much more.

Maralin has never attempted a solo before and was pretty nervous about putting herself out there - we love it and after much encouragement, she let us put it out for you to hear as well! We hope you enjoy it!

We're still fund-raising for St Petrocks homeless charity and would love to raise enough to buy a sleeping bag as part of their '12 Days of Christmas campaign'