The Floor Singers week has been a fabulous week of songs and wonderful singing! We are well on the way to buying sleeping bags for St Petrocks 12 Days of Christmas campaign. Note the plural! More than one sleeping bag!

We've had tremendous feedback from so many people and you seem to have been enjoying the songs - not many more to go now - the end is in sight!

Here we have a wonderful song from Mick who is a baritone but resides in our Tenor section. It's called The Yeomans Son and is a beautiful poem set to music by Michael Tinker.

Yeoman's Son :

Nicola's Song couldn't be more different - a bit of a nonsense story of a Tailor and a flea! Benjamin Bowmaneer is a wonderful ditty of valiant thinking from the intrepid Tailor.

Benjamin Bowmaneer :

Thank- you for all your donations - you have been absolutely amazingly generous!

Enjoy the songs and do share with all your friends!