We're giving you a sneaky peak of our first Shanty song, due out later today.

Here is the link to 'Rolling down to Old Maui': Do make a comment and click LIKE if you do!


We recorded it at Steamer Quay in Totnes, Devon, on a Sunday morning, naively thinking it would be nice and quiet! We had cars driving past, joggers, walkers, cyclists and the cafe was heaving! However........ the singing went down well, with people stopping to listen, showing their appreciation and the cars even waited till we had finished a take! The guys really started to play for them - it felt like a gig, and that felt GOOOOOD! We have so missed getting out to sing and seeing the reactions to our music - this was such a fantastic feeling.

We'll keep you posted of all our songs, ahead of the release to the general public, as a thank-you for your support.

We hope this project takes off and that we can continue to raise money for local people and causes - anything you can do to help get the word out, either by word of mouth or social media would be fantastic and make a huge difference to us. It is very much a Homegrown Project and we have loved doing it and it's our way of keeping the harmony alive and kicking!