Dear Friends,

Our 3rd song is out now - just for you, 2 days before the launch! This is a stunning arrangement of an old Scottish song - though most people think it's from Ireland. We loved this arrangement and were looking forward to a chance to sing it, lockdown provided us with that opportunity! We've sung this song with our own arrangement, as a full choir, often backing Steve Knightley from Show Of Hands, with him singing his own Requiem words to it. It's always gone down well and is a great song to end an evening's concert on - wishing you well, as we say goodbye.

This week is Remembrance week and it seemed a fitting song for that occasion and we realised that we had filmed it among the war memorabilia in St Petroc's church in South Brent, Devon. It's an old song and suits the dignity of Remembrance.

Covid has brought loss to many of us, so we are offering the song to all those who have lost friends and partners through this pandemic. During Lockdown and the gaps in-between, I have met so many people who have been bereaved during this time and have been so isolated with their grief. Carrying on, but finding that change so hard to cope with, alone. We will sing it for them too, for these are extraordinary times.

We will sing this to remind you of the good times you have shared together, the camaraderie and friendship, the joy and the love.

Our charity this week is South Brent and District Caring - who have been helping their community during lockdown, especially those in isolated rural areas. They have set up a crisis response in their community to help anyone affected, alone or in need.

Please take a listen

Love from all The Lost Sound Singers