After the dust has settled from the Homegrown Harmony project - we are now thinking ahead to spring and the possibility of concerts! How exciting is that!
We are rehearsing on zoom for the foreseeable future, but still want to keep the choir progressing and this is the time of year when we normally recruit. There are many of you that we haven't met before and we are hoping you might know some singers!
We have 16 fantastic male voices in our choir, already and they are a beautiful balance to our wonderful women. We really could do with just a couple more in Tenors and Basses, so that we know we are concert ready, when the time comes!

We can offer you:

  • Weekly training in vocal, choral, breathing and performance techniques. Our MD is a singing teacher and choir coach - she knows how to get the best from us and our voices!

  • A friendly and welcoming group to work with

  • Great concert opportunities (as soon as we can!)

  • A selection of fantastic and exciting songs to sing - with singers who work on their craft!

What we would need from you is:

  • Great pitching

  • Great ear for harmony

  • Good memory for learning our songs - all our programme songs are off by heart

  • Enjoy being directed

  • Happy to practise at home

We know there are great singers out there - many who sung at university and haven't sung since, as they haven't found their genre. We sing a wide variety of Folk styles from Medieval, Gospel and Appalachian as well as English, Irish and Scottish arrangements. We have composers who we work with and also composers and arrangers from with the choir.
We do work hard - it's worth it for the results and improvement in our own singing. Being able to do the Homegrown Harmony project, where all of us were able to sing in ensembles because of the training we have had, has boosted our confidence no end and it's really exciting to sing like that!
So....if you know of anyone who really sings well and has a yearning for a choir that works to their best side - please let then know about us and ask them to email us!

<54>[email protected]

and our website is - where you can also re run all the HH project songs too. They are on our media page!