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Hey 👋

It's Ali and Amy! We are the hosts of the Living Life Differently podcast which is all about women who are living differently to 'the norm'.

Twice a month we release an interview with an inspiring woman who is Living Life Differently. So far we've heard from women who have sold everything to move abroad, a woman who is cycling the world full time, a woman who set up a podcast about adventure women, a woman who left her career in teaching to follow her passion for writing and lives on a canal boat, a woman who set up a 'Truck Surf Hotel' with her boyfriend in Portugal to follow her passion for surfing and travel, and women who live in their vans full time.

You can find our podcast on your favourite music app or on our website.

We set up this project during lockdown as we should have been travelling Europe in our campervan. Unfortunately we couldn't got anywhere so we thought we'd use our time to share inspiring stories! 

We are still patiently waiting to travel abroad in our van with our son Ollie and our dog Dizzy. In the meantime, we've got more exciting podcast episodes lined up!

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Thanks so much,

Ali & Amy 

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