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Who We Are

The Mane Land is an independent website covering Orlando City, the Orlando Pride, OCB, and all things soccer-related in the City Beautiful. Our staff is a small, dedicated group of individuals who want to tell the ongoing story of our soccer club.

What's All This Coffee-Buying Nonsense Then?

We've created this page as a way for those who read our website, listen to our podcasts, and/or follow us on social media to show their support, and we've set up some membership benefits so that we can thank you for that support by providing you additional value. Some of these perks are already in place and there will be more to follow down the road.

Those who aren't interested in becoming members can always simply buy us a beer/coffee (we all drink different things) as often as they like by clicking the "Support" tab next to where the Membership levels are listed.

Why We're Doing This

When we lost our support from SB Nation, many of our readers and our podcast listeners reached out to find out how they could support our continued existence. We conducted a poll that revealed our followers were split pretty much down the middle on whether we should do a one-time, Kickstarter-style fundraiser to launch an independent version of the site or a premium membership-level subscription that would provide a way for them to support us while receiving some nice extras. We figured, why not do both and let you all decide how to offer your support?

Where the Membership Funds Go

The funds raised here will help us to compensate our staff, a few of whom lost their small stipends from SB Nation after the cuts, and most of whom have been voluntarily donating their time...some for several years. We would also like to be able to pay for more photography needs, upgrade the website, pay for ongoing web/podcast hosting costs, purchase some needed equipment, etc.

In other words, your support benefits you in the end with a better website, better podcasts, and potentially an expanded staff.

Can't Afford to Become a Member?

There are other ways to support us if you don't have the means to buy us the occasional coffee/beer or to become a member. We are in need of additional staff members who can do any of these things:
- Write stories
- Edit stories
- Shoot high-quality action photos at games

Thank you for your support of The Mane Land. We all want to ensure you get the best available coverage of our soccer club.

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