A year ago, I participated in a LinkedIn 30-Day Challenge. One of the posts that I wrote was:

"What are your dreams for the next five years?"

These were my answers:

  • I'll ace the required subjects and be accepted into the Radiologic Technology program at Salt Lake Community College.

  • Later, I'll graduate with honors and get licensed to start working as a radiographer at a clinic or hospital.

  • In the meantime, thanks to *Translating Medical Images, I'll continue learning and working as a medical translator.

  • I'll move into a bigger apartment or house so that I can have more rescued birds. Alternatively, I've been considering a tiny house on wheels for a while.

  • I'll have a car to visit places nearby. There's so much nature that I have to experience in Utah and its neighboring states!

I also stated that those dreams were subject to change, so here's an update a year later:

  • Although I aced Statistics — one of the required subjects for the Radiologic Technology program — things took a different turn.

  • I realized that, while diagnostic imaging is my favorite medical specialty, I wanted to focus on medical communication instead.

  • Therefore, I decided to rebrand Translating Medical Images as The Medical Communicator because I want to continue working as a medical translator and developing as a medical writer.

  • I moved from a studio into a one-bedroom apartment, but adopting more birds and purchasing a tiny house are no longer priorities at this time.

  • Due to the pandemic, I haven't been able to get a car yet, but I'm confident it'll happen soon.

Like I said a year ago, I'm a firm believer that rejection is actually redirection to something better.

At present, my goal as a medical communicator is to acquire as much medical knowledge as possible. That's why I invest in continuing education.

Choosing certificate programs like the ones below has been a much more fulfilling experience:

  • Certificate Program for Spanish interpreters (Medical Interpreting Training School) — 50% completed (I can finish it this month if I have the time)

  • Essential Skills Certificate Program (American Medical Writers Association) — 100% completed

  • Master's Program in Medical Translation (AulaSIC) — 78% completed (I'll finish it in November)

Instead of studying to become a radiologic technologist, I found a better choice to expand my imaging knowledge. Earlier this year, I completed a 3-month program offered by The University of Queensland (Australia).

What about you? Have any of your dreams become a reality? Have your plans changed?