Hi there microtonal fans! We have some pretty sweet new stuff made for The Monochord in the past week or so, let's check them out!

As you have read from the title, alphabetical notation can be added to the pitches of your scale, which will be a part of the listen url, allowing you to share not just notes, but their names too. This can be used in the piano mode to label notes, if you select alphabetical from the display modes. Scale names are also exported to the listen url too, so from this point the primary transport for sessions between monochord instances shifted from scala files to listen urls.

The scala importer have been tweaked and renamed as library, since it will be the primary source for importing scales and presets made by the community. Also, having more information in the listen urls allowed us to replace file based imports with listen urls, which will soon list scales based on popularity.

There are a ton of changes for the scale designer, so let's see some of those. There are a few new hotkeys: selection can be cleared with the ESCAPE key, pitches can be deleted with the DELETE key and finally, CTRL/CMD + A will select all pitches in a scale. Additionally, clicking on an empty spot in the scale designer will clear any selected pitches or notes.

The big plus button now behaves differently when there are pitches selected compared to when there aren't. When you have pitches selected, then clicking the plus button will add notes to the pitches instead of adding new pitch to the scale. This allowed us to remove the top + button, reducing the complexity of The Monochord a tiny bit.

And last, but not least, a ton of design changes have been done to improve the UI.

Hope you all like these changes!