The app have evolved many times since the first concept of the monochord have been created from two sliders controlling sine waves back in 2015. Today the app is being one of the staples of the microtonal community, a tool, which is getting re-discovered by musicians over and over again. In August 2020 the app have received another set of tweaks, which I would like to share with you all.

For starters, the palette of the themes have been tweaked to have a more modern, sleek look, but it's still subject to change based on your feedback.

A lot of unnecessary/outdated stuff have been removed reducing the complexity of both the codebase and the UI.

Several extra steps in the UI have been flatten into single clicks, for example importing scala scales can now be done without having to load the scale first into the editor and requiring a separate click on the import button.

The settings have been moved to the left side and the footer was removed, while the add button for the scale designer have been turned into a 'floating action button'.

Multiple elements can now be selected in the scale designer by holding down the shift key making the tweaking of scales a blaze.

Muted pitches of scales are no longer removed from the URL, so sharing your session with your friend is more accurate. Also, having cents in your scale now has a lot of explicit stuff handled for you, making the URL shorter and designing a scale faster.

Hope you are all as excited about these changes as I am!