Alphabetical notes and hotkeys

Hi there microtonal fans! We have some pretty sweet new stuff made for The Monochord in the past week or so, let's check them out!As you have read from the title, alphabetical notation can be added to the pitches of your scale, which will be a part of the listen url, allowing you to share not just notes, but their names too. This can be used in the piano mode to label notes, if you select alphabetical from the display modes. Scale names are also exported to the listen url too, so from this... more

Sep 06

And we are still going...

The app have evolved many times since the first concept of the monochord have been created from two sliders controlling sine waves back in 2015. Today the app is being one of the staples of the microtonal community, a tool, which is getting re-discovered by musicians over and over again. In August 2020 the app have received another set of tweaks, which I would like to share with you all.For starters, the palette of the themes have been tweaked to have a more modern, sleek look, but it's... more

Aug 26